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Filing Cabinet - Pearl Harbor

Cornelia Fort Reports for Duty

September 10, 1942

Cornelia Fort Reports for Duty

Cornelia  Fort, age 25, from Nashville, Tennessee, was the second woman to join the Women’s Auxillary Flying Squadron, under the direction of pilot Nancy Love.  She reported for duty on September 10, 1942.  To be a WAFS pilot, Cornelia Fort had to have a commercial license and demonstrate to Director Love that her flight log met the required 500 hours of flight time.  Only 200 hours of flight time were required for men to be military pilots.

Over the next few weeks, other women pilots arrived at New Castle, Delaware for intensive training in navigation, weather forecasting, the use of firearms and military law.  Very soon thereafter, they began ferrying planes to United States Army Air Corp bases within the United States.

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