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Who is the Real Pocahontas

There are no known verified contemporaneous drawings of Pocahontas.  Frequently, contemporaneous images and paintings of Pocahontas featured English facial features and coloring, and not as she truly would have looked.  The English wanted the American Princess Pocahontas to appear royal in her features, dress and countenance.

Notice the different interpretations of how Pocahontas would have looked as portrayed in these images displayed during the 1907 Jamestown 300th Anniversary.

The only portrait that may have been based on actual sketches made of Pocahontas was created circa 1800, some 180 years later.  These sketches of Pocahontas were supposedly made during her visit in 1617 to the Rolfe family estate in England with her husband, John Rolfe, and her two year old son Thomas.   A copy of this painting is included in the photo section of the Adventures in Jamestown book in the Liberty Letters® series.

Now who do you think may be the real Pocahontas?

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